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Version 21 New Build Download

Thank you for your patience today.

It is vital that you only download this file if you are already using Version 21 and if your support subscription has expired.

If your support subscription is current, please download Version 22 instead. For details of what’s new in Version 22, click here.

If you are using Version 20 or earlier, do not download this file. Your Version will not have been affected by the digital signature and downloading this file will prevent your system from working.

When downloading the file below, please follow these instructions:

Close your ArtiCAD software before performing the download and once downloaded, please run the file.

If you see an on-screen ArtiCAD security warning dialog, click on ‘more options’ (to the left of the ‘Run’ button) and select ‘Always run software from ArtiCAD Ltd’.

If your Download is being blocked by a Windows Security message, please click here

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