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If you are unable to access your hosted ArtiCAD system currently, we would like to sincerely apologise. The following information provides a detailed explanation alongside comprehensive instructions to restore your access.

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Our hosted services provider, Entrust IT, had their domain ( suspended in error by the top-level European DNS registrar, EurID, as part of the EU response to the new EU/UK trading arrangements after Brexit. Although there had been some indication from Brussels that .eu domain names would be withdrawn from UK companies, Entrust had taken firm steps to extend their use of it until 31st March 2021 – including the use of a Europe based proxy to comply with the new EU rules. Those steps should have permitted a seamless transition but we assume because of a bureaucratic error, EurID suspended the domain without warning.

Entrust had a UK-specific service ready to deploy but were putting off the rollout until February to avoid change during the extended COVID-19 lock-down and our retail customer’ sale periods. This has been deployed now.

To restore access, we need you to follow the instructions below.

Change Your Citrix Workspace App URL (Windows)

1. Open your notification menu by clicking on the upward arrow in the bottom right corner of your desktop , and locate the Citrix Icon.

Entrust 2

2. From here Right Click and select Advanced Preferences from then menu.

Entrust 3

3. Within the Advanced Preferences you will find a Reset Receiver option. Please click this:

Entrust 4

4. Once the reset is done you will be prompted for the server address please enter the following:

5. From there you will be prompted to enter your Citrix Credentials – enter your normal hosted desktop username & password.

6. Once entered Citrix will be configured to connect to your hosted desktop/applications.

Change Your Citrix Workspace App URL (Apple Mac)

1. Open  the Citrix Workspace app.

2. In the upper left corner of your screen, next to the Apple icon, click on Citrix Workspace and select Preferences:

Entrust 5

3. In the Preferences window, click on the Accounts tab, then select the VDI account shown in the middle of the window.

4. Click the Minus button and OK to confirm removing the account.

Entrust 6

5. Close the Preferences window and click Set Up Account.  In the Add account window enter:

Using ArtiCAD Online via an Internet browser

1. For this you will need to use the web address:

You can then set this new web address as a bookmark for future use.

2. Log in with your details and choose the desktop to connect to.

If you require any further assistance, please feel free to contact our Support Team with any queries.