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ArtiVR creates online, ultra-high-resolution design walkthroughs, taking 3D designs from ArtiCAD's design and pricing software. 

It produces a high definition VR walkthrough of a complete room, enabling designers to showcase designs as a web-based virtual reality presentation (which can also be shared via web links or embedded on web pages).

The following ArtiVR kitchen example was produced by a kbb designer, using ArtiCAD-Pro HD.

Navigation menu.jpg         This navigation key appears at the bottom right of the screen

Navigation menu question mark.jpg          Reveals basic and advanced navigation controls

Navigation menu autonav.jpg          Activates an automated walkthrough, using camera views (that you preset)

Navigation menu full screen.jpg          Activates full screen mode

Click on the the play arrow in the image below, to activate 

Example loading screen 700px.jpg

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ArtiVR produces a complete walkthrough - applying the finish details in the original CAD design. Each ArtiVR presentation is created in the Cloud and users are able to control and share their ArtiVR presentations as desired, via a web URL.

Designers and their clients can walk through individual presentations using standard keyboard and mouse controls and can also set up multiple camera positions (great for feature design elements) for an automated or view-by-view presentation.

Immersive VR experiences to help close the deal

  • No virtual reality headset required (but you can use one if you prefer)
  • Easy to use on any device with internet access
  • Integrates seamlessly with ArtiCAD software
  • Ultra-high quality design walkthroughs
  • Present face to face or via web link

Case Study: ArtiVR Revolutionises design at TMS

TMS Direct Kitchens is an early and avid user of ArtiCAD’s new ArtiVR software

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