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ArtiCAD has checked all the expert reviews, and put together a summary of the key 2019 kitchen, bathroom and bedroom trends.

Magazines, newspapers, social media and blogs – all are packed in January with predictions, surveys and forecasts about trends for the year ahead.

For those working in the KBB sector who are busy running all the various strands of their businesses and dealing with day to day challenges, we have taken the slog out of trying to get through all the expert opinions for the 2019 kitchen, bathroom and bedroom trends, and have put together a summary of the key looks for the year.


January 2019 Kitchen trends

Concrete is still very much on trend this year, although it likely to be used in softer hues, mellowing the pure industrial look which has been so popular.  Streamlined, pared back looks are also delivered using bare wood surfaces with oak and walnut being the favourites and offering a deep rich tone and texture.   But an increasing number of designers are extolling mixed materials, bringing together granite, quartz, and timber in a single room.

Open shelving and glass fronted cabinets will enable homeowners to personalise their kitchens with displays of favourite and quirky objects.  The good news for those whose cupboards are possibly not quite tidy enough to want glass-fronted doors is that reeded glass is forecast to be ‘everywhere’ in 2019 – providing a glimpse of the contents rather than every single detail.  It also brings an additional texture to the kitchen design, complementing traditional straight lines.

Individual pieces of furniture are also set to increase in popularity with the move towards re-using much loved, or older items in a kitchen, rather than having all matching cabinets.  And the move against uniformity continues with broken plan kitchens which focus on zoning and structural elements using dividing shelves or movable partitions to define different areas for different uses.

As ever, storage is an essential element of any kitchen.  This year will see ceiling height cupboards and tall units, with demand for bespoke storage solutions expected to rise.

Some designers refer to the ‘anti kitchen’ household where the aim is to hide away its functionality when it is not being used.  Sleek surfaces and handless-cabinets can help with this look as designers work to conceal such items as induction hobs, coffee machine, smart appliances and food gadgetry.

Banquettes are no longer only the preserve of diners but are making their way into kitchens, with a move towards lounging in this space rather than simply perching on bar stools at islands.

A key colour being touted by many designers for 2019 is green, especially shades towards the deeper, darker, richer end of the palette.  This colour creates a look of drama and luxury, and goes well with smoky glass and soft metallic finishes.  To help bring light into a dark-painted kitchen, designers are looking to white marble and brass for lighting, worktops and accessories.

Black is another principal colour for the kitchen, and is being used in combination with rich coffee browns, shades of grey, taupe, biscuit and greige (a combination of grey and beige).  Also at the darker end of the colour spectrum, navy continues to be popular this year – and some may see it as more timeless (or forgiving) than black.

Waterfall worktops (or drop edges) which appear to flow over the edge of the surface will grow in popularity, providing an elegant and seamless finish.

Marble shows no signs of fading for those looking for performance, quality and durability in their worktops, combined with its ability to work in both traditional and contemporary surroundings.

Splashbacks are asserting themselves as they become a focal point in the kitchen.  Single slab designs can make a very strong statement.

Taps will continue to be a major design feature of kitchens in the year ahead, with brass looking to be a favoured material and working well in an industrial environment.   Tap technology will also keep advancing, adding to the portfolio which already comprises instant boiling, filtered and sparkling water.

The use of technology in the kitchen will continue to develop.  Already available are taps which rise and fall at the click of a button, sink lids which open and close on demand and fridge doors which can be opened without touching the door.


January 2019 Bathroom trends

Interestingly there appear to be more column and screen inches about what is in store for bathrooms in 2019 than any other room in the house.  There is also a lot of consensus.

The industrial look featuring concrete continues (now increasingly married  with terrazzo) , and also complemented this year with matte finishes, often in dark navy or the year’s favourite colour – black.  Designers believe that matte colours and surfaces bring a warm finish to bathrooms in contrast to metal or polished finishes.  Black is also popular for taps and other fixtures.  And any suggestion that it might be too stark (especially against white) is being offset by the introduction of faux plants (a trend which has been popular for a few years now) bringing soft, calming green to even the smallest of spaces.

No review of bathroom trends for 2019 omits the love affair with marble, not only for basins but also for vanity units and wall coverings.  Drama and decadence are the order of the day for those choosing this material.

Feature walls are on the up – delivering a significant yet potentially relatively easy change in ambience to a bathroom.  If the wall is composed of tiles, a strong trend is for traditional rectangular tiles to be used to create different shapes, such as hexagons and mosaics.  Scalloped-shapes tiles are also making their mark as a means of adding drama to a wall.  Replacing ‘safe’ coloured grout with stronger, more radical colours, can also dramatically affect the appearance of the room.

Whilst black matte is a key choice for many for taps, others favour metallics but are no longer content with just chrome.  Gold, rose gold and nickel are all popular, with the trend towards mixing all of these in a single space, rather than just choosing one.   Designers also believe that the new metallic taps fit well with shades of blue, particularly deep or warm hues – as blue remains a perennially popular bathroom colour.

Lighting trends for 2019 range from minimalist styles suitable for an industrial theme to chandeliers, LED mirrors and wall lights.

Although one survey suggests that there might be an 80s revival looming, with bold colour blocks and shapes combined with matte colours, this appears to be a fairly lone voice.

Good storage is essential in what is often a fairly small space.  Vanity units continue their rise in popularity, pushing out pedestal basins.

Voice-activated devices are also making their way into the bathroom – ensuring that the bath water is run and ready, awaiting your return home, whilst smart showering systems adjust automatically to the right temperature depending on the weather.   Smart taps (or mood taps) come with a digital display that shows temperature and water flow rate.   However, it may come as a relief to many to know that smart mirrors which will automatically update users on their health statistics such as weight and blood pressure are unlikely to be widely available until 2050.  Also making their way to the bathroom will be augmented reality mirrors which provide style advice and a visualisation of an outfit.


January 2019 Bedroom trends

Romance is in the air for bedrooms with a trend for canopy beds, ranging from traditional dark wood four posters with curtains, to more sleek contemporary designs.

Beds are also literally moving up in the world, with the desire to create more storage space.  Whilst in the past it tended to be predominantly children’s beds that had storage underneath, now adult beds are being raised up with a frame that incorporates underneath storage – and not only drawers, but also sliding doors.  If steps are required to get into these new high level beds, bedside cabinets can be built into them – again creating a very on-trend feature and providing even more valuable storage.

Rebelling against uniformity of cupboards is not only happening in the kitchen but also in the bedroom.  Designers are looking to create ‘mixed’ looks which provide lots of opportunity to bring more individual personality into the room.  Mixing and matching also covers materials, styles, colours and textures.  For example, any rules that might have existed about not mixing dark and white furniture, or minimalism with Art Deco, have been thrown out.  Rough concrete walls are being mixed with brightly coloured modernist furniture, in a range of different materials.

Textures are a key feature of bedrooms in the year ahead – with the idea that they add greater depth to even a smaller room, and can often make it look larger, and certainly more interesting.

One place where it can be relatively easy to introduce textures is the headboard.  The trend for oversized, statement headboards continues.  For some designers, the bigger the better – spanning an entire wall, or going from floor to ceiling in a range of sumptuous, glamourous textiles or other heavily textured materials.

Just as the vanity unit is a strong feature of bathrooms for 2019, the boudoir vanity for the bedroom is also what to look out for.  This year they are being paired with oversized mirrors, and although they have traditionally been made in white or pastel colours, they are now more frequently to be found in strong jewel tones or dark wood, with metal accessories, such as a chair to give extra glitz.

One survey interestingly focussed on those bedroom trends which will have been abandoned in 2019 – so according to them, it is good-bye to grey, blue, beige and plain – all to be replaced with curves, lush colours and loads of huge faux green plants, with copper lighting to add the finishing touch of glamour.

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