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3 top tips for more realistic renders

Published by Rachel Partridge, here are some tips so you can present high quality photo realistic renders to your customers.

Being able to present high quality, photo realistic renders to your customers will not only help seal the deal, but will enable them to fully visualise their new space. This is why we have put together 3 quick and simple design tips that we use in-house to help us achieve realistic renders across all 3 room systems.

Let’s begin…

Accessorising the design

The first step is to always accessorise the design with items such as plants, artwork, pendant lighting and other worktop accessories to give it that more realistic look. To help you pick out the right models, we have created a SketchUp™ pack full of realistic 3D models that work well in designs across all three room systems. This SketchUp™ pack can be found in the Members Portal under software downloads. Click here to log in to the Members Portal and gain access.

Applying materials

Next is materials! Applying the correct materials is key to achieving realistic renders, especially with the accessories you have just added into your plan. Having the right materials selected will make a huge difference to the realism of the final render. Once you have applied the relevant materials to your models, be sure to save them into your favourites folder. Adding them here will keep the materials you have applied and will save you endless amounts of time when accessorising the next design.

Click here to watch our training video on advanced materials.

Click here to watch our training video on saving to favourites.

Brightening the final render

The final design tip is to utilise the rendering progress bar that pops up when performing a render. This can be used to increase the contrast, exposure and gamma which will brighten the image and make it pop.

Did you know that if you tick ‘show output window and image controls’ when setting up a render to file, the rendering progress bar will appear giving you the chance to increase these settings.

Check out the before and after:

ArtiCAD-Pro Before And After Kitchen Renders


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