Neolith Surface Created In ArtiCAD-Pro

Neolith joins ArtiCAD's Supplier Partnership Programme

Neolith joins ArtiCAD's Supplier Partnership Programme giving users access to TheSize Surfaces in ArtiCAD-Pro.

TheSize Surfaces – known in the KBB sector for its sintered stone surfaces & marketed under the Neolith and more recently Granith brands – has joined the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme.

Founded in 2007, the company has grown dramatically & now supplies its products across the world. TheSize was the first in its industry to become carbon-neutral in 2019.

The company’s other environmental credentials are strong. Some 52% of all its products are made from recycled material; this figure rises to a staggering 90% for 2 of the company’s new colours, launched this year under the ESSENTIALS collection.  Sustainability and ultra-hygienic surfaces are synonymous with the brands.

Sintered stone is made entirely from ultra-compacted natural minerals like clay, feldspar and others. Patterns are produced by using plant extracts, some of which go all the way through the slab with textures being pressed into the surface, to produce a wide range of different colours and styles for consumers.

Neolith is produced in four thicknesses (3mm, 6mm, 12mm & 20mm) and is primarily sold to kitchen manufacturers and stone fabricators. In the UK, the company operates from a distribution centre in Harlow, Essex where over 5,000 slabs are stocked. Neolith UK offer a sample service, customer support and technical advice by representatives covering the whole Country. In Ireland the company operates through STONE MERCHANT, its distributor for the Republic of Ireland.

Find out what Andreas Manero, CMO at TheSize, has to say about the partnership

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