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Autumn 2021 Trends for Bathrooms

The Autumn edition of our design trends overview for bathrooms:  a selection of some key colours, styles and materials.

Welcome to the autumn edition of our design trends overview for bathrooms:  a carefully curated selection of some of the key colours, styles, materials – and oddities – for this season. 

The on-trend colour for bathrooms this autumn is black, black and even more black.  On the walls, on the floor, for the basin or the taps.  In fact, wherever you can think of using it.  How strange it is that by introducing such a dark colour even into a small room, it can often make the space seem larger.

The materials which can be used in a bathroom are broad-ranging, and when it comes to black, the veining in natural stone and other similar surfaces, for example, not only highlights its depth of colour, but can bring a stunning shot of brightness to the room.  Fluted glass (in its own right a strongly growing trend), can look sensational with black, as can natural wood.   Brass fittings deliver an aura of glamour and sophistication.

On the theme of colour, it is probably best to pass over – at speed – the small number of designers who are encouraging the re-emergence of avocado, that ubiquitous hue from the 80s.  Let’s perhaps hope that avocados remain in kitchens and don’t make their way back into bathrooms any time soon.

Blue will always be a colour choice for bathrooms.   As long as there are no hints, whatsoever, of nautical themes, then blue is very much OK.  Dark blue continues to be very popular (maybe as an easier alternative to black?), teamed with brass or gold fittings.  Powder blue, especially when paired with textured tiles which emulate flowing water, looks quite simply amazing – and would no doubt lead to the length of time showering increasingly considerably.

As in kitchens, tiles should now ideally be laid in interesting patterns, such as zig-zags or herringbones.  Wallpaper which has featured in recent ArtiCAD trend reviews seems to have faded away – which is a shame because the designs of these new moisture-happy papers are stunning – enabling the creation of amazing atmospheres by covering just one wall.

For those clients who prefer a less dramatic look, then the spa-type bathroom is a great choice.  Natural materials, even wooden baths, combined with stone and bamboo,  provide a peaceful, harmonious, welcoming sanctuary.  Any source of natural light can be magnified and captured by the correct placement of large mirrors which bounce the light into the room.

Curved shapes bring softness in a room which can often be associated with harder edges – and these can be introduced in basins, mirrors and tiles.

Shower heads no longer need to provide just a single ‘type’ of showering.  Some deliver a range which can be easily changed from sports, to massage to gentle and relaxing.  Yet another reason for longer showering.

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