2021 Bedroom Autumn Trends Image

Autumn 2021 Trends for Bedrooms

See some key bedroom colours, styles and materials for this autum; as part of the latest edition of our design trends overview.

Welcome to the autumn edition of our design trends overview for bedrooms:  a carefully curated selection of some of the key colours, styles, materials – and oddities – for this season. 

As usual, any clearly defined trends in bedroom design – either season by season or even year by year – are difficult to find.  Bedroom design just seems to roll along, without any massive innovations.  Maybe as long as they suit personal taste, provide great storage and are a tranquil, restful retreat – that’s all they need to be.

But before ignoring bedrooms entirely, it is definitely worth looking at one feature which can be relatively easily introduced.  Wallpaper.

And this is not just about putting wallpaper on a single wall, and calling it a feature.

This is wallpaper on the walls – but then not stopping there, and going across the ceiling.  Why not?   Lying in bed one can spend a lot of time looking at the ceiling.  Making it a more integral part of the overall design and the feel of the room seems like an interesting idea.  Definitely worth trying.

And although another use of wallpaper may seem rather like a throw-back, it can also look great on wardrobe doors – especially in a small room, where the same paper is used on the walls and on the wardrobes to stop them dominating the space.  Architraves need to be painted with a clear co-ordinating shade to make the scheme look clean, fresh and new.

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