Kitchen Created In ArtiCAD-Pro Featuring Blum Slimline

Latest Blum innovation - SPACE TOWER SLIM graphics available

Blum SPACE TOWER SLIM graphics are now available in ArtiCAD-Pro for designers to select FREE of charge.

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Blum SPACE TOWER SLIM graphics. SPACE TOWER SLIM, launched by Blum at the beginning of September 2019, builds on the outstanding success of the company’s SPACE TOWER larder storage concept, but delivers a phenomenal 160kg of storage capacity in a tall cabinet which is a mere 300mm wide, and consists of four internal drawers to provide easy access to all contents.

SPACE TOWER SLIM is extremely competitively priced. It offers designers even more flexibility in their designs, enabling them to impress customers by packing huge amounts of dedicated storage into relatively small spaces. ArtiCAD designers have been specifying the original SPACE TOWER since its launch, and will undoubtedly welcome this exciting new introduction.

ArtiCAD director Theresa Turner: “Blum is – and has been for a long time – a leading member of our Supplier Partnership Programme. The company harnesses its innovative and design strengths to deliver products which frequently revolutionise the KBB industry. The SPACE TOWER SLIM is no exception. We are delighted to be working with a company which has at its heart the desire to improve the experience of designers, retailers, manufacturers and partners with the breadth and quality of its product portfolio.”

Designers can select the Blum SPACE TOWER SLIM for inclusion in their designs, and then configure the graphic to reflect the appropriate cabinetry style for the new room.

To access the FREE of charge graphics, please log on to the Member’s area.

To find out more about the SPACE TOWER SLIM, visit the website

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