February 10, 2020

Getley joins the Supplier Partnership Programme

getley.jpgArtiCAD Getley Bedroom 700.jpg

Staffordshire-based Getley UK is one of the latest companies to join the rapidly expanding ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme, which not only ensures that a company’s full product portfolio is included in the ArtiCAD-Pro software as a comprehensive and up-to-date graphics catalogue, but also incorporates a range of joint marketing activities for the benefit of both parties.

Getley UK manufactures bespoke kitchen and bedroom cabinets.  The company specialises in made-to-order kitchens and bedrooms using the complete range of Egger products, which are supplied both as cabinet-only or complete with doors from all of the UK’s door manufacturers. 

Getley sells direct to independent showrooms throughout the UK.

Paul Bryan, Managing Director, Getley UK: “We decided to join the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme early in 2019 to ensure that our customers have access to our full catalogue when they are designing a new kitchen or bedroom.  We were confident that this would make the ordering process and quoting much simpler – for both our customers and for Getley.”

For Getley, ArtiCAD has produced a full DIC (design in code) catalogue.  As users select products for their design (style, colour, size etc), they enter the unit code.  The ArtiCAD software automatically inputs the correct unit into the design (based on the individual product code) and prices it.  When the design is complete, the user is presented with an itemised costing and total for the products, to which they add their design fee to then give to the customer.

“Working with ArtiCAD has been an excellent experience and we are sure that our customers will welcome this new service.  We see this new partnership with ArtiCAD as a significant investment in our future, and one which gives us a clear competitive advantage.”

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