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ArtiCAD Getley Kitchen render

Getley new Alku brand now available in ArtiCAD-Pro

15th December 2020

Staffordshire-based Getley UK is an active member of the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme.  The company’s full product portfolio is included in ArtiCAD-Pro software as comprehensive graphics catalogues, including the new Alku brand.

Alku is an entirely new concept for the UK KBB marketplace, based largely on the German kitchen studio model.

Dan Hughes, Marketing Director, Getley describes the reason for this watershed change in the company’s approach to the market.  “We believe that the furniture market is changing and that there is, and will be, less interest in buying components to make up a kitchen.  In direct contrast to the UK, the German model sees the complete kitchen being selected and purchased – which makes it a much more straightforward process, and easier to price.

“The new Alku brand is designed to slot into the UK market, and provide the “German” experience for our kitchen retailers.  It comprises 27 different styles, spanning modern, contemporary and traditional:  we are delivering the length and breadth of product range that is seen in Germany, and that we believe is not available anywhere else in the UK.  It’s a complete collection.”

Dan Hughes has worked extensively in the KBB industry before joining Getley, and has in-depth experience of working with non-component, German manufacturers.

“Alku represents a huge investment for Getley, and we are delighted that already some thirty studios in the UK have signed up to sell the new brand.  The next stage of the Alku approach will include us verifying the plans for kitchens which come from the designers before the room is ordered, as a final check.  This again is something which is relatively commonplace in the German market.”

Getley’s traditional business manufacturing bespoke kitchen and bedroom cabinets continues, and has a full DIC (design in code) catalogue in the ArtiCAD-Pro software.

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Alku by Getley