March 13, 2020

Italian Luxury Surfaces joins ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme

Italian Luxury surfaces jpeg.jpgItalian Luxury Surfaces render.jpg

Berkshire-based Italian Luxury Surfaces, sole UK distributor the Stone Italiana range of quartz work surfaces, has joined the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme.  The company’s beautifully manufactured surfaces are now available as a comprehensive graphics catalogue within the ArtiCAD-Pro software, to help designers differentiate their designs & add value to their customers.

Philip Winter, Sales and Marketing Director, Italian Luxury Surfaces:  “We chose ArtiCAD as our first CAD partner because we have been impressed by the innovative developments they have made, particularly their acceleration over the last few years.  We wanted to ensure that designers can access high-quality, accurate graphics of our products and create inspirational, photorealistic designs for their customers.

“The realism of the ArtiCAD graphics allows designers and consumers to really appreciate the quality and sophistication of our materials.”

All Italian Luxury Surface products are certified as ‘food safe’ by NSF, together with high levels of heat resistance and fire ratings.  Surprisingly, whilst commercial kitchens are required to only use kitchen work surfaces that are certified as suitable for contact with food, currently, the same safeguards do not apply to domestic environments.  Phil Winter:  “With more emphasis on healthy lifestyles, we believe that forward thinking designers and retailers will only want to work with surface materials that have been independently certified as being fit for purpose.  On the environmental front, the company’s Cosmo-lite products, which launch in 2020 are made from 100% pre-consumer recycled materials, an industry first.

“We are seeing a definite move amongst consumers towards sustainability, quality materials and longevity rather than perhaps a more disposable approach.”

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