Autumn And Winter 2022 Kitchens

Kitchen design trends for Autumn/winter 2022

Discover how yellow and purple are making their mark on this years Autumn/Winter kitchen trends.

There is a very curvy theme taking shape in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.  Rounded corners, curved motifs and scallops everywhere.  Some believe that curved shapes can create a more relaxed and informal feel to a room – although larger arches suggest a much grander style.  And on the subject of ‘grander’, in general there is more colour, more pattern, more of everything.  Maximalism is on the up.  Fortunately, ArtiCAD software is more than adept at handling intricate designs, patterns, textures, curves, sophisticated lighting techniques –  and a whole lot more.  So, let’s go.  Your client awaits.

Yellow, yellow and yet more yellow.  Sometimes a whole kitchen, and at other times just an accent – but it really is a dominant colour this season, delivering warmth, richness and memories of sunshine.

Perhaps a rather surprising colour which is seeking to establish itself as a must-have is purple – and probably best used in smaller spaces or smaller areas.  A kitchen island, or just some of the cabinets, can be painted in purple and then paired with more subtle taupe or complementary mauve and pink shades.  Alternatively, with a carefully chosen shade of green and wooden work surfaces, purple can create a beautifully natural and autumnal look.

Islands can be a great ‘location’ for experimentation with colour, shapes and function – with the enthusiasm for integrated seating, such as banquettes, still to the fore.

Ceilings often seem to be overlooked by clients with so much else to consider, but it can also be an opportunity for designers to introduce more colour, personality and quirkiness:  wallpapering the ceiling really does deliver big impact.

Can  there ever be too much storage space in a kitchen?  Probably not.  Cupboards right up to the ceiling, to avoid leaving useless gaps, continue to thrive.  Open shelving delivers personality to any kitchen – and can provide another chance to introduce curves.

A wine cabinet (including a camera to keep track of all the bottles) or a breakfast cupboard – or maybe both?  But at the top of the wish list for several well-known designers?  A pantry, delivering the ultimate in storage, and the place to hide away counter top appliances.

And if budget is no constraint, then the limited-edition range cookers, wonderfully hand-decorated with flora and fauna, are absolutely stunning.  A true investment piece.

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