April 13, 2017

New Subscription model for ArtiCAD-Pro launched

ArtiCAD-Pro, has recently been made available on a subscription basis for those clients wishing to pay a regular monthly fee, rather than a one-off licence fee.

And within a couple of months of its launch, this approach to purchasing ArtiCAD-Pro has become our fastest selling product. The monthly payment model makes this version very scalable as a business grows and more designers are employed.

The new subscription model, which offers contracts from one to five years, is available for any number of software licences.  The number can be increased throughout the period of the contract if required.   No deposit is required, and the client simply pays for the requisite training course. 

Director Theresa Turner:  “We are continually working towards making our approach and our services as flexible as possible to suit the hugely varying needs of the KBB industry.  The new subscription model is the latest offering, and early reaction is very positive.

“It complements our recently launched ArtiCAD Online Cloud-based SAAS model which, as a monthly fee service, also enables clients to control costs, is easily scalable and obviates the need to replace older hardware.”

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