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Kitchen summer trends

Summer 2020 NEW trends released

Here is ArtiCAD’s latest round-up of design trends for Kitchens, Bathrooms and Bedrooms for Summer 2020.

16th July 2020

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ArtiCAD Devine Distribution

Devine Distribution becomes an ArtiCAD Supplier Partner

Devine Distribution, exclusive distributor of Airforce Cooker Hoods has joined the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme.

6th July 2020

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ArtiCAD ECF Volpi Render

Brand new Volpi catalogue available in ArtiCAD-Pro

We're delighted to provide you with free access to the the brand new Volpi kitchen catalogue all thanks to our partnership with ECF.

27th June 2020

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ArtiCAD Springhill render

Springhill Joins ArtiCAD’s Supplier Partnership Programme

Irish kitchen manufacturer Springhill has recently joined the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme.

29th May 2020

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ArtiCAD 1909 render

1909 Furniture graphics are available

1909 Furniture graphics are now available to download as part of an on going partnership with ArtiCAD.

24th April 2020

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ArtiCAD AEG Matt Black render

NEW appliance graphics from AEG

The new Matt Black range of appliances from AEG UK is now available to download within ArtiCAD-Pro.

6th April 2020

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ArtiCAD Extractor Close Up

KitchenEX becomes ArtiCAD Supplier Partner

Faber appliance graphics are now available in ArtiCAD as part of a new partnership with KitchenEX.

12th March 2020

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ArtiCAD Italian Luxury Surfaces render

Italian Luxury Surfaces joins Supplier Partnership Programme

Italian Luxury Surfaces, sole UK distributor the Stone Italiana range of quartz work surfaces, has joined the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme.

12th February 2020

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ArtiCAD Getley Bedroom render

Getley joins the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme

Staffordshire-based Getley UK is one of the latest companies to join the rapidly expanding ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme.

10th February 2020

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Winter 2019 kitchen, bathroom & bedroom trends

Latest trends published

We have researched into the Kitchen, Bathroom & Bedoom design trends for Winter 2019 and into 2020.

25th November 2019

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ArtiCAD Egger Boards render

New partnership with Egger

The EGGER Group is a leading wood-based materials manufacturer, and has joined the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme.

15th November 2019

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ArtiCAD Bathrooms to Love

PJH Group joins the Supplier Partnership Programme

PJH Group is one of the largest providers of bathrooms, appliances, sinks and taps in the UK. The company is now also a member of the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme.

21st September 2019

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