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VM Colour of the Year

Pantone® colour of the year 2023

The new Pantone® colour of the year is here. Viva Magenta is a crimson red designed to bring a pop of colour to any space.

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2021 Kitchen Trends Image

Discover the new design trends for 2021

Now is the time to look ahead to a better 2021and to be inspired by some of the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom trends.

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Formica Prima Kitchen Created In ArtiCAD-Pro

Formica Group becomes an ArtiCAD Supplier Partner

Formica Group joins the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme, and their graphics are FREE to download.

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BORA Hob Created in ArtiCAD-Pro

Bora appliance graphics are now available in ArtiCAD

The full range of Bora cooktop extractor system graphics are now available to download from the Member's area.

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Autumn 2020 Trends Kitchens Image

Discover all of the Autumn trends for 2020

See the design trends overview for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms: a curated selection of some of the key features for the season.

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Kitchen Featuring Everhot Stove Created In ArtiCAD-Pro

Everhot becomes an ArtiCAD Supplier Partner

Everhot, manufacturers of highly desirable range cookers, has joined the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme.

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2020 Kitchen Summer Trends Image

Summer 2020 NEW trends released

Here is ArtiCAD’s latest round-up of design trends for Kitchens, Bathrooms and Bedrooms for Summer 2020.

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Kitchen Featuring Devine Distribution Created In ArtiCAD-Pro

Devine Distribution becomes an ArtiCAD Supplier Partner

Devine Distribution, exclusive distributor of Airforce Cooker Hoods has joined the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme.

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ECF Volpi Kitchen Created In ArtiCAD-Pro

Brand new Volpi catalogue available in ArtiCAD-Pro

You now have free access to the the brand new Volpi kitchen catalogue thanks to our partnership with ECF.

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Springhill Blue Kitchen Created In ArtiCAD-Pro

Springhill becomes an ArtiCAD's Supplier Partner

Irish kitchen manufacturer Springhill has recently joined the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme.

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Extractor Close Up Created In ArtiCAD-Pro Featuring Faber

KitchenEX becomes ArtiCAD Supplier Partner

Faber appliance graphics are now available in ArtiCAD as part of a new partnership with KitchenEX.

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Italian Luxury Surfaces Image Created In ArtiCAD-Pro

Italian Luxury Surfaces becomes a Supplier Partner

Italian Luxury Surfaces, distributor the Stone Italiana range of quartz work surfaces, has become an ArtiCAD Supplier Partner.

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Getley Pink Bedroom Created In ArtiCAD-Pro

Getley is now an ArtiCAD Supplier Partner

Staffordshire-based Getley UK is one of the latest companies to join the rapidly expanding ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme.

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