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Prepping your designs for ArtiVR

Published by Rachel Partridge, here are 3 top tips on how to prep your designs to get the very best out of ArtiVR.

Being able to present high quality virtual reality tours to your customers will not only help seal the deal, but will enable them to fully visualise their new space. We have put together 3 quick and simple design tips that will allow you to prep your designs and get the very best out of ArtiVR… lets get started!


Artificial lighting – If you have added artificial lighting into your design such as downlights or under cabinet strip lights, then you will need to decrease the intensity of the main point source in your plan. This can be changed by clicking ‘Mode’ at the top of ArtiCAD and selecting ‘Edit Lighting’. Double click on the main point source in your plan, change the intensity from 100 (default setting) to 0. This essentially turns the point source off, so it doesn’t emit any light.

Sunlight – If you would like sunlight as well as artificial lighting in your design, then you may need to adjust the ‘Sun Intensity Scale’ depending on how bright you want the end result to be. We suggest setting this to 0.7 and then adjust accordingly.

No lighting – If lighting is something you do not wish to add to the design at this stage, then we suggest leaving the intensity of the main point source to 100. This is needed to brighten the ArtiVR scene if no other light sources have been added.


Setting the correct material and finish to each element of the design will help boost the quality of the end result, especially on selected SketchUp™ models. The default materials attached to various SketchUp™ models are not always correct and can definitely be spotted in ArtiVR. For example, the default glass material brought in from SketchUp™ can show as a light grey texture rather than glass. Changing this to the glass texture from ArtiCAD’s default library will make all the difference to the quality of the model and the end result.

Additional Models:

Always check the SketchUp™ models you have added into your plan. They may look fine in HD but not quite as good in ArtiVR. You may be able to spot missing faces, causing the model to look distorted. You can check this by pressing F2 on your keyboard – this will allow you to look around the plan using the VR rendering option first, remove any models that may have faces missing, before spending time creating an ArtiVR scene.

Check out the example below by clicking on the image.

Kitchen ArtiVR View Image

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