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ArtiCAD Quooker render

Quooker partners with ArtiCAD

26th February 2019

Quooker is an award-winning manufacturer and designer of taps, having introduced the first 100° boiling water tap in the 1970’s.  The company’s products are manufactured in the Netherlands, and it has two centres in the UK, in Manchester and London, supplying some 3,000 retailers.

As part of the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership, Quooker products are now available, free of charge, as a comprehensive graphics catalogue for designers using ArtiCAD-Pro software.  Quooker will also be using KBBSmart from ArtiCAD subsidiary, Smart Systems, to provide quotations.

To access the FREE of charge graphics, please log on to the Member’s area.

Click here to find out what Stephen Johnson, Managing Director at Quooker, has to say about the partnership.