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Bathroom design trends for Summer 2022

The summer 2022 edition of our design trends overview for bathrooms: a selection of key colours, styles, materials for this season.

We are delighted to announce the latest bathroom design trends, this time for summer 2022.

Lighting is definitely no longer just spotlights.  It needs to be a feature, to help create an ambience and to be useful.  So, lots of work for it to do.

And in a similar vein, mirrors have many different options – non-illuminated with integrated shelves and backlit LED models.

Open shelving – which has been popular from some time in kitchens – works equally well in bathrooms.  It helps overcome a ‘closed-in’ feeling, allowing space to display special items or collections, as well as beautiful bathroom and beauty products.  Often the space above a bath is ‘wasted’ – open shelving is a great way to put it to use.

Wallpaper is just everywhere – and as has been mentioned before in ArtiCAD Trends, the bathroom is certainly not a no-go environment for this material.  Look for big, blousy florals which in a small room can really be enjoyed close up.  Don’t forget that the ceiling can also be wallpapered – for a great view whilst soaking in the bath.  But maybe it’s a good idea to keep the rest of the room relatively simple – with the wallpaper as the star of the show.

For a plainer look, colour trends in the bathroom offer lots of choice.  Sanctuary shades continue to be popular to deliver a calm, relaxed space with shades of white and just pops of colour.  Dark colours often create a similar feel to a room, with black continuing to attract the attention of designers.

Tiles are not allowing wallpaper to push them aside.  Vibrant colours can be made even more eye-catching by laying the tiles in a chevron pattern for a truly geometric, contemporary look.

Aged or burnished brassware  looks great with darker colours, such as deep wine, terracotta and some shades of green.  The aged look can also be enhanced with the use of vintage furniture, no matter its original purpose, taking the place for example of a conventional vanity unit.

If space is at a premium – possibly because an additional bathroom is being squeezed into the home – there are, of course, many ways to maximise the space with shorter deeper bathtubs, sliding, bifold or concertina doors and frameless designs to help with a feeling of openness.

Whilst bringing nature into the bathroom with plants, botanical wallpaper and so on, some may be reluctant to go as far as the artificial moss walls which are now available.  It’s just so difficult to banish thoughts of damp, unheated bathrooms experienced in previous periods of life!

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