Bedroom Trends Summer 2022

Bedroom design trends for Summer 2022

See some key bedroom colours, styles and materials for summer 2022 as part of the latest edition of our design trends overview.

A carefully chosen selection of some of the key colours, styles and materials trends happening in bedrooms for the summer of 2022

Statement headboards have been making a statement for at least a couple of years now – and they continue to do so.  Getting even bigger in the process.  These can be upholstered in a huge range of fabrics and run the whole length of the wall, if required.

Some designers are opting for colour-drenching in bedrooms – where, as the name suggests, everything is painted in one colour or one shade – including walls, skirting boards, furniture and so on.

Wallpaper, as elsewhere in the house, makes its way into the bedroom for all the walls, just one feature wall, wardrobe doors or the ceiling.

The lighting app which has been installed for the kitchen and bathroom should also extend to the bedroom where it can be used to change the lighting and also close and open curtains and blinds.

A new source of storage in the bedroom is specially designed mirrors.  Some now have a small built-in storage area behind them (as they are positioned proud of the wall) for jewellery, reading glasses and a watch.  Another one has a clothes hanging rail at its back and small storage space at the bottom – all hidden from view behind the classic looking free-standing full-length mirror.

There don’t appear to be any particularly strong colour trends in bedroom design at the moment – as ever, it is a space where clients can express their own interior design tastes without it being judged by visitors.  Bliss.


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