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Topps Tiles – Virtual Tiler with ArtiCAD

10th December 2019

Topps Tiles, with a third of the UK market share for tiles and some 300,000 customer transactions every week, is using the Virtual Tiler, developed in conjunction with ArtiCAD.  Currently in use in Topps’ 250 Design Advice Centres, the Virtual Tiler enables staff to overlay a design of the customer’s kitchen or bathroom with their choice of tile.

The system has been in use for nearly twelve months, which has given Topps plenty of opportunity to monitor the results.  Sian O’Neill, Director of Marketing, Topps Tiles: “Customer feedback is that they are finding it an inspirational and brilliant experience.  From a company point of view, conversion rates have improved considerably and, anecdotally, we believe it is shortening the sales cycle as it is making it easier for customers to reach a decision – and one in which they have absolute confidence.”

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