Afrormosia: Kitchen Business takes off with ArtiCAD

Hillcrest-based Afrormosia Furniture Designs manufactures kitchens, bedrooms, vanity units and many other items of built in furniture from a wide range of materials to meet every possible customer need and budget. The company’s factory employs about forty staff, with six others working in the head office.

Afrormosia Furniture, as the name suggests, started life purely as a furniture-making business but over time the increasing number of low-cost imports meant that the business simply could not compete. In 2009, Mike van Wyk and Dorothy Milson joined Afrormosia as Design Consultants with the aim of helping the company build up a kitchen business, an area in which they had more than twenty years’ experience of managing, designing and selling. Afrormosia had recently acquired another company who already had the ArtiCAD-Pro design software, and it was a system which Mike had used himself. In fact, he is a great enthusiast for ArtiCAD’s software: “I would use it even if I was just building a toothpick”, he commented.

Four designers at Afrormosia now use ArtiCAD-Pro, and find it very versatile and able to handle whatever they need to do. Reaction from the company’s customers to their kitchen designs produced using the ArtiCAD software has been very positive. “They often cannot believe that the designs could look this good.”

Afrormosia often present their designs in the showroom using an additional screen to make changes whilst the customer is present.

“The support from ArtiCAD is very good. They are always there for us, have helped us with training courses and will go out of their way to resolve any issues we may have.

“We couldn’t run this type of business without ArtiCAD-Pro.”

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