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Software fundamental for KTB Cupboards business

Customers regularly comment on how amazing the program is, and how easily it allows for changes to be made.

KTB Cupboards is based in Midrand, Gauteng.  The company manufactures and supplies cupboards to both private customers and to developers throughout Gauteng, but has also exported entire kitchens and bedrooms to Zimbabwe, Botswana, Angola and Rwanda.

ArtiCAD-Pro is used by KTB Cupboards on all its projects.  Typically, measurements or house plans are received from the customer, with sales staff then designing a kitchen or cupboards using the ArtiCAD software.  The 3D renders, plus a quote for the design are sent to the customer.  In addition, ArtiCAD-Pro is also used by KTB Cupboards to obtain countertop quotes from the company’s suppliers.

Tyronne  Veltman, KTB Cupboards:  “The 3D renders from ArtiCAD-Pro enable our customers to get a really accurate and realistic idea of what their proposed kitchen or bedroom cupboards will look like.  This is particularly useful when a customer is not able to visit our showroom.”

Early in 2021, KTB Cupboards went live with ArtiCAD’s Online Room Planner.  “We have seen a lot of benefit with this, and regularly receive plans from customers who have used it.  Not only do we have the customer’s design input but most importantly we receive the correct measurements of the room, so that we can then send the customer a functional design.

“Customers regularly comment on how amazing the ArtiCAD program is, and how easily it allows for changes to be made.  It helps us identify any flaws in a customer’s proposed design and explain how we will overcome these.  The biggest benefit to us is how quickly we can generate designs and quotes and send them to customers:  we all know that getting to the customer first is one of the biggest factors in making a sale”.

KTB Cupboards regard the ArtiCAD software as fundamental to their business.  “Without the ability to generate renderings and speedy designs, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.”

Tyronne has benefitted from the quality of the support and training provided by ArtiCAD, and has also attending a number of training workshops.

“Customers are increasingly keen to not only be able to see colours in their designs, but also textures.  ArtiCAD-Pro enables us to do this with ease, producing designs which are realistic and professional.”

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