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ArtiCAD is easy and fun for AltaModa

The quality of the 3D renderings and the ability to be able to show clients what their new room will look like is extremely valuable.

AltaModa is a design company based in Johannesburg. They design kitchens, cupboards, furniture, and vanities for various manufacturing companies in South Africa. AltaModa does not work directly with the clients, the manufacturer works with the clients, so it is of the utmost importance to give the client an accurate representation of what the final product will look like. With ArtiCAD-Pro, accurate measurements, floor plans and “wish lists” AltaModa can achieve this.

Alta Barnard of AltaModa: “I have now been using the ArtiCAD software for fourteen years.  The quality of the 3D renderings and the ability to be able to show clients exactly what their new room will look like, is extremely valuable.  The designs produced using ArtiCAD-Pro make the sale much easier and quicker, and the presentations are very professional.”

Given the number of years she has been using the software, Alta is very familiar with it, and finds that it makes designing “easy and fun”. However even with all her experience, the webinars organised during the 2020 lockdown enabled her to learn many new tips and tools that she can use daily.

“ArtiCAD is very important to my business.  Without it I would not be able to sell my work.”

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