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Newark Interiors helped by using ArtiCAD online

Accessing designs is fast and reliable, and ensures that time spent travelling can be used productively.

Based in Nottinghamshire, Newark Interiors, is a long-term user of the ArtiCAD-Pro software for designing kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

About four years ago, the company became the first customer for ArtiCAD’s new cloud-based option – ArtiCAD Online.

Tim Forsey, owner, Newark Interiors:  “The main appeal of the online version was that location became completely irrelevant.  I travel quite a lot, and our MD is based in Belfast some of the time.  Not only is accessing the designs extremely fast and reliable with ArtiCAD online, but it also ensures that time spent travelling can be used productively.”

The cloud-based solution also works well for Newark Interiors in their showroom where they have two dedicated presentation areas and five designers.   The designer can log onto the system at either presentation area and have instantaneous access to their design – rather than having to use the same machine again or transfer files.

Ensuring that all the company’s PCs are running exactly the same version and with access to the same catalogues is no longer an issue.  With ArtiCAD Online there is immediate consistency of software version across all machines.  In addition, there is no need to invest in faster PCs as processing takes place in the cloud.

For Newark Interiors the move to ArtiCAD Online was not fuelled by the desire to spend less on hardware, but primarily by the speed and flexibility it offered for the company’s way of working.  Because there is no time lost when travelling or waiting for access to a specific PC, more work is being completed and in turn this is having a positive impact on sales.  The company now turns over £2.5m each year, and has an outstanding conversion rate typically of four sales leads becoming three confirmed projects each week.

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