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ArtiCAD-PRO & ArtiCUT for Designer's Workshop

Designer’s Workshop uses the software for all their kitchens, bedrooms and bathroom designs.

Designer’s Workshop is one of the latest kitchen design companies in South Africa to select ArtiCAD-Pro and its sister product, ArtiCUT, from leading CAD software specialist for the KBB sector, ArtiCAD.

Andries Burger, who started Designer’s Workshop in Walvis Bay in 2000, has extensive previous experience of working with CAD systems since the early 1990s, including winning an award in 2009 for one of his kitchen projects.  “As our kitchen and BIC design work has growth, we needed a more comprehensive design product, and ideally one which could also provide a cutlist and costings at the same time.  I found details of ArtiCAD-Pro and ArtiCUT on the internet – and liked what I saw.”

Designer’s Workshop purchased both products in 2011.  “What really attracted me to ArtiCAD was the speed of design, the quality of both the 2D and 3D pictures and the amount of time that I could save by not having to produce manual cutlists and quotations.”

The software is now used by Designer’s Workshop for all their kitchens, bedrooms and bathroom designs – and is proving to be a resounding success.  Andries Burger:  “The benefits are endless and I can really say that I enjoy every single moment of designing with ArtiCAD-Pro.  I am now very proud to send emails to my customers with the ArtiCAD drawings attached to them, and the response to them has been extremely positive.   The graphics are of such a high quality so that they really sell my designs.  Using ArtiCUT, cutlists which used to take me days now take just a few hours – and sometimes just minutes to produce.  ArtiCUT really is the best program that I have used for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.  It outclasses anything else I have tried.”

The installation of ArtiCAD’s software has obviously made a great and immediate impact on the day to day business of Designer’s Workshop.  However it will soon have an even greater impact.  Andries Burger has realised that the software programs will allow him to close his workshop – which has only been a dream in the past – and concentrate purely on his design work, which is his real love.   “And added to all the other benefits, including the great support I get from the team at ArtiCAD, is that the software enables me to work so much more quickly and efficiently that I am able to spend a lot more time with my family.”

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