ArtiCAD Room Planner at Victor Paris: An Overwhelming Success

Victor Paris is one of the UK’s leading bathroom and tile specialists. Based in Scotland, Founded in 1975 by Vincent Derighetti, the company continues to be family owned and is now run by his four sons (Stephen, Paul, Mark and Gavin).

Victor Paris has three large showrooms in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee and has a well established reputation for providing a range of luxury products at affordable prices.

The company has used the BathCAD design software from ArtiCAD for some years, but more recently took the decision to install ArtiCAD’s online room planner on their web site – and the results have been dramatic and impressive – and “better than we had ever expected”, according to Ross Penman (Sales Manager - Edinburgh) at Victor Paris.

ArtiCAD Room Planner is a simple yet powerful 2D online room planner specifically designed for the KBB industry, which can be used in a variety of ways according to the needs of individual businesses. In the case of Victor Paris, it is used to attract qualified sales leads by enabling visitors to the site to input room plans for their specific requirements. Customers are then contacted to arrange an appointment at one of the company’s showrooms to go through their new room plan in more detail and receive a comprehensive design and quotation.

Victor Paris installed ArtiCAD Room Planner in December 2013 – and was almost immediately overwhelmed with requests for designs. Ross Penman: “Initially we had the system set up such that when we received a room plan, we would reply with a detailed design, produced in BathCAD. However, we were receiving at least twenty plans via ArtiCAD Room Planner most days and it was impossible to keep up with the demand. Very quickly we changed the way it worked by contacting customers to make an appointment once we had received their initial plan, and then producing the detailed design following that meeting.”

This approach has worked very well, and the conversion rate for those submitting an initial plan and then taking up the offer of an appointment is “really high”.

“We didn’t think the system would be used anything like as much as it is. In our first year, we received 432 standard web enquiries and 677 via ArtiCAD Room Planner. We typically have about 150-200 unique visitors to our web site each day. The quality of the plans provided by prospective customers is good which means that they are finding the system simple and quick to use. This in turn is helping us to design and quote more quickly, and to sell more bathrooms.”

According to Ross Penman, ArtiCAD Room Planner has also increased the footfall in the showroom as people come for their appointments and has encouraged customers to continue to build their relationship with Victor Paris rather than looking for alternative suppliers.

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