ArtiCAD Testimonials - what our customers think

Looking after customers is our highest priority. We capture and use customer feedback to drive future product and service development – giving customers what they want.

We have selected some testimonials below to show how customers have found using our software and services to help them sell more and how ArtiCAD has added value to their business.

Take a look at the images too - all created by customers using ArtiCAD-Pro to generate compelling client presentations. These are previous winners of the ArtiCAD Image Competition, open to all users worldwide.

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“The software has been so well put together.  It is obvious to me that it has been designed by KBB designers with practical experience of the industry.  It’s very impressive.

Greg Bowers, Wee Kitchen Shop

 “The staff at ArtiCAD are fantastic.  Their customer service is second to none.” 
Chris Lappin,  deLUX  Kitchens

 “My initial reaction to ArtiCAD-Pro has proved to be absolutely right.  We have found it to be very user friendly and it is much faster than the other products we have used which in turn makes us more efficient.  I have been particularly impressed by the quality of the rendering.” 
Nathan Hopper, Simply Kitchens

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“I had just one training session, and I was able to create full plans almost immediately. Now I can create a complete kitchen in just thirty minutes.
Stephanie Lee, Avanti Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms

 “ArtiCAD is a very important part of our business. Not only is the product constantly progressing, but we know that we can rely on ArtiCAD’s management to listen to us and, whenever possible, integrate our requests into the latest developments of the software.” 
Shane Forsyth, Premier Kitchens and Bedrooms

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“We are very busy and ArtiCAD never lets us down. We never experience any problems with it. It just runs like clockwork.”
Roger Parsons, Kenton Jones

"The quality of the plans provided by prospective customers is good which means that they are finding the system simple and quick to use. This in turn is helping us to design and quote more quickly, and to sell more bathrooms.”
Ross Penman Victor Paris

 "ArtiCAD is generating more business for us because of the quality and detail of the visuals. It is speeding up our sales process, keeping our customers involved and allowing them to make decisions faster." 
Howard Stubbs, Heaven & Stubbs

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“The fact that ArtiCAD incorporates actual suppliers’ graphics is a big bonus. It is great to be able to show clients exactly what their kitchen will look like, rather than just using generic images.”  

Andy Ward, Kitchen Ergonomics  

"We were impressed by the service offered by ArtiCAD's development and support teams and this was a key factor in our decision to implement their software"
Michael Page, Hammonds Fitted Furniture

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