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Virtual Reality is a key element for Everfine

Everfine uses our Virtual Reality software to create a greater impact with their customers, who are impressed by the visuals.

Everfine Installations –  designers, manufacturers and installers of kitchens and bedrooms – is using ArtiCAD’s ArtiVR virtual reality system as a key element in its design-orientated business.

The husband and wife team who run the company selected ArtiCAD-Pro about four years ago, replacing a previous CAD system where the graphics were somewhat ‘cartoonish’ in their appearance.  David Reid, director, Everfine Installations:  “The vast majority of our business comes via recommendations and referrals, and the strength of our designs is an extremely important aspect of this.  We are no longer tied to individual manufacturers, preferring to make our own cabinets in order to provide the greatest flexibility and choice for our customers.  Presenting the quality and detail of our designs – using ArtiCAD-Pro and more recently ArtiVR – is therefore fundamental to the Everfine ethos.”

Everfine purchased ArtiVR just before the first lockdown in the spring of 2020.  “Initially we had planned to use it in a dedicated VR suite in our showroom  with a large screen on the wall and access to an Oculus Quest headset for an immersive experience.  Once we are able to operate from the showroom fully, we will go ahead and complete work on this area.”

In the meantime, Everfine uses ArtiVR to provide customers with the opportunity to experience their kitchens, walk around them, and be aware of and confident in the space available and the angle of ovens, for example.

“Clients are blown away by the ArtiVR visuals, which we use to complement the renders that we produce using ArtiCAD-Pro, and in which we take a great deal of pride.  I believe that we really use the ArtiCAD software to its fullest extent to create the greatest impact with our customers.”

Everfine Installations is based in Eccleston.

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