Kitchen VR Image Created In ArtiCAD-Pro By MPG Kitchens

ArtiVR for MPG Kitchens

MPG Kitchens uses ArtiVR virtual reality software to provide 3D visualisations and walk-throughs.

Designer Monique Daley-Yates is using ArtiCAD’s new cloud-based ArtiVR virtual reality software to provide 3D visualisations and walk-throughs of entire floors to a number of clients.

Many of the projects Monique works on are based on architect’s plans incorporating large extensions and big family rooms with a dining area, snug, pantry, utility room, boot room and more.  “With ArtiVR, I can design a walkthrough for the entire floor, not just a single room.  The client can really see how the space will flow and work for them.  The reaction from clients is very positive and they are excited, as the presentations are so realistic and detailed.”

Monique also uses ArtiVR to check every corner of a design before rendering it, which is proving to be a great time-saver.

Monique herself was wowed by ArtiVR as soon as she saw it and bought it on the spot. “I knew that it was exactly what was needed to present the designs.  It is very easy to use and navigate on my iPad.”

Typically, clients come into the MPG Kitchen showroom see presentation of their designs, including plans, renders, elevations and the ArtiVR walkthrough.  “ArtiVR is a real asset to the business.”

Cotteswood VR bedroom

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