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ArtiVR Revolutionises design at Jackton Moor

Based in East Kilbride, Jackton Moor is an early, and avid user of ArtiCAD’s new ArtiVR software.

Based in East Kilbride, Jackton Moor, the retail brand of TMS is an early, and avid user of ArtiCAD’s new ArtiVR software.

TMS installed the ArtiCAD-Pro design software about seven years ago to provide an integrated manufacturing, design and supply service to its retail and trade customers.   Early in 2019, the company added ArtiVR to its design capabilities.  David Wilson, a designer at TMS:  “We knew immediately that ArtiVR could take our designs up to a completely new level.”

Three Jackton Moor designers use ArtiVR on the company’s retail side, with three more in the trade showroom.  The ArtiVR designs are presented to clients on a 47” screen and are greeted with surprise when customers see that they are able to move around the design, combined with delight at the realism and level of detail.  “There is a lot of discussion about whether VR applications need a headset but from our point of view and our experience to date, we don’t think a headset would add anything to the experience of our customers.”

He continued:  “Many of the larger kitchens we design are open plan, incorporating an island and other living spaces.  ArtiVR is proving an immensely powerful tool for showing people how this large space will work.  It is undoubtedly helping them make decisions about spaces beyond the kitchen itself as they can experience every angle in every room as they move seamlessly from space to space.  Before using ArtiVR, we used to design the kitchen and any other rooms as separate files which meant they had to be shown individually to clients.  With ArtiVR, it is all one design which makes it much easier for them to envisage the flow between rooms.”

An unforeseen benefit for Jackton Moor with the installation of ArtiVR has been a huge saving on the need to purchase new, more powerful laptops.   The company was on the point of having to make this substantial investment to handle the processing power required for rendering.  However because all the rendering for ArtiVR is handled online – ‘on the ArtiCAD side’ – there is no detrimental impact on the speed of the company’s existing machines.  “This has been hugely beneficial to us – in terms of the performance of our existing kit as well as saving us thousands of pounds on new hardware.

“I have never experienced a system like ArtiVR that just works so quickly from day one.  Set up was amazingly fast:  we were using ArtiVR within an hour.”

Jackton Moor opened for business in 1992, now manufacturing some four hundred cabinets each week. Employing more than sixty people, the company’s production is running at capacity as TMS satisfies orders from Scottish-based developers, studios and retailers, as well as fulfilling council contracts for refits of their housing stock.

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