Harvey Jones Rose Kitchen Created In ArtiCAD-Pro

Harvey Jones Kitchens & ArtiCAD Online customisation

ArtiCAD-Pro has been at the heart of the company’s expanding business for more than ten years.

With its Cambridgeshire-based workshop established for more than thirty years, Harvey Jones Kitchens  has thirty one showrooms across the UK.

The company has established a well-earned reputation for premium quality durable carpentry combined with thoughtful design, and a commitment to excellent customer service. Every kitchen is individually designed to meet the needs of the owners – and ArtiCAD-Pro is at the heart of the company’s expanding business.

About sixty designers use ArtiCAD-Pro on a daily basis whilst a number of the company’s administrative staff also use it from time to time to amend a design, if the original designer is not available. The software is also used for any new showroom developments to plan the new layout and individual design areas.

Harvey Jones Kitchens selected ArtiCAD-Pro and has worked closely with ArtiCAD on a number of occasions to have the software customised for its own specific way of working. Accuracy of design is a core element of Harvey Jones’ approach.

An example of customisation work has been Harvey Jones’ investment in a server based version of the ArtiCAD software. This provides improved access to files across the company – ensuring, for example, that if a designer is away on holiday, their designs are easily accessible by a colleague who can make changes and continue to liaise with the client.

The company also has a shared company drive. Susan Clark, Training Consultant at Harvey Jones: “New designers are able to store their files on the shared drive. I can then easily access them and work with the designer on any problems they may be experiencing to reach a quick and effective solution – both for them and for their customer.” The changes requested by Harvey Jones and developed by ArtiCAD are certainly reaping benefits.

Susan Clark: “I have pushed for many new developments  and the ArtiCAD team has always been excellent, not only in understanding exactly what I wanted but also in persevering to deliver them. My visits to the company’s headquarters have always been informative, and I’ve come away with a greater knowledge and understanding of the software. We will continue to develop our use and bespoke development of ArtiCAD-Pro, to further improve the efficiency of our designers and deliver even greater customer service.”


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