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D5 Artisans appreciate accurate and realistic images of different wood finishes in their ArtiCAD-Pro designs.

D5 Artisans, based in Vredenburg, was founded in 2015, but has quickly established a reputation for beautifully designed kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, sculleries – and indeed all forms of cabinetry.

The company uses the ArtiCAD-Pro CAD software for all its designs, which are produced by Jennifer Laing, the company’s designer.  She joined two years ago and is delighted with the reaction to her designs.  “Nearly all our clients are just completely blown-away by the realism of the designs, and the fact that they can really see what their new room will look like.   We know that even though some other local companies are quoting less than us for a new kitchen or bathroom, we are often winning the business based on the quality of our designs and the confidence that they give to people to go ahead with the decision to place an order.”

At any one time Jennifer is typically working with ten clients, who are all at different stages in their project.  A simple kitchen design can take her just half an hour to design using the ArtiCAD software, but often she is required to do several plans and designs for a customer so that they can choose which they like, or bring together elements from more than one.

When Jennifer is working for architects and builders, the starting point is usually a house plan, with detailed dimensions and some guidance from the client as to the type of room they are hoping to achieve.  When dealing with members of the public, Jennifer spends a lot of time working with them to identify what inspires them, producing mood boards and ensuring that the look and feel of the new room is exactly what they are looking for.

“Using the ArtiCAD software, I particularly like the fact that I can include accurate images of different wood finishes in my design, which look exactly like the real cabinets.  It is also extremely easy to import 3D objects from other sources into the ArtiCAD software, again to help make the design even more realistic.  The more the design looks like the real thing, the easier it is for the customer to place their order.”

Jennifer is very aware of new trends in the kitchen and bathroom marketplace.  She has noticed that sliding doors for bedroom cupboards, with different coloured panels, are increasingly popular, and in the kitchen, a clever design with the plinth can make it appear that the item of furniture looks as though it is floating in air rather than being anchored to the ground.  “It is easy to portray all these looks using the ArtiCAD software.

“If I were to say that ArtiCAD-Pro is very important to our company that would be an understatement.  It just would not be possible for us to work without it.”

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