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Garrett Dillon & Edition Kitchens design with ArtiCAD

Minutely accurate drawings are quickly and easily provided to the workshop, manufacturers and installers.

Based in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland the two enterprises of Garret Dillon and Edition Kitchens, both rely on the ArtiCAD-Pro software for all their design work.

Garrett Dillon was founded some twenty years ago and specialises in beautiful bespoke hand-crafted kitchens, utilising traditional cabinet-making skills.   In recent years, the company has been complemented by the creation of Edition Kitchens, which makes elegant, modern kitchens using well-known, high quality Irish brands such as Uform.

The ArtiCAD-Pro software was first introduced twelve years ago, replacing hand-drawn sketches and plans, with the clear objective of improving the quality of visuals which could be shown to clients.

ArtiCAD has remained an essential and fundamental part of the two businesses ever since. Jointly the companies supply about three kitchen projects each week, with ArtiCAD-Pro being fundamental in the design process.  Not only are all details of the kitchen cabinetry and appliances shown in the designs, but Sue Dillon  ensures that the complete room is visualised.  “We use the ArtiCAD software to include accessories, lighting, furniture, TVs and much more to create as realistic and accurate a picture as possible of how the finished room will look.  Our clients are always very impressed with the quality of the images and the level of detail included.

“We also use make extensive use of the support for importing to and from SketchUp™.  When this was first introduced by ArtiCAD it was a huge and significant development for us, enabling us to quickly and easily provide minutely accurate drawings to the workshop, manufacturers and installers.”

Sue Dillon and her co-designers speak to ArtiCAD regularly with queries and advice.  “The response is always fantastic and any issues are very quickly resolved on the phone or online.”

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