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Glowing review for sales and customer service training

Alistair Witherington from Aire Valley Kitchens & Bathrooms now has a fresh perceptive of the industry.

Feedback from the ArtiCAD Academy continues to be extremely positive, with courses proving a success.

Sales and Customer Care courses are provided by Graham Hayden, who spent ten years as CEO of the KBSA (Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association).  A recent ‘graduate’ from one of Graham’s courses is Alister Witherington of Aire Valley Kitchens, based in North Yorkshire.

He started the company eight years ago and has enjoyed continued success and growth.   However despite this success and being extremely busy, Alister took the decision to take time out of the business to attend the course.

He had read about Graham Hayden and knew that he had particular advice for independent retailers, such as himself.

Alister is more than happy that he took the decision to attend the course.

“There are such a lot of areas that Graham covers within his training course.  I have certainly gained new techniques within sales and how to add greater value to what we provide in terms of service to our clients.  I most definitely have a fresh perceptive of the industry.

“In terms of the business,  I will be building on our strengths, working to improve our profit margins and to look at ways of improving some of the weaker areas of the business that are often all too easily ignored. Possibly the most important thing I learnt overall was to evaluate my own company properly!

“I would have no hesitation recommending this course to anyone regardless of their experience”.

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