Grey Bedroom Created In ArtiCAD-Pro Featuring Intu Design

Intu-Design bespoke BedCAD solution success

The 3D line drawings which Intu-Design produce using BedCAD help customers visualise what would work.

London-based Intu-Design plans, designs and installs bespoke furniture for bedrooms, home offices, play rooms and more.  The company opened for business in 2014 and although the first few of Intu’s designs were done by hand, ArtiCAD-Pro software was soon selected and installed.  In fact, it was used on an early Intu-Design project as a real-life demonstration that it could do the job.

Since then, Avi Heller of Intu-Design has used ArtiCAD-Pro, and more specifically the BedCAD element of the software, to produce more than 3,000 3D line drawings.

“Much of our business is the design, manufacture and installation of bedroom furniture.  We make an initial visit to measure the space, take photos and gain an overview of what the client is looking for.  I then produce 3D line drawings using BedCAD of the proposed design, together with a quotation.

“I have found with bedrooms, and the other rooms we tend to specialise in, that it is not necessary to produce renders.  What the client wants to see is how the space can be used to provide them with the bedroom and all-important storage that exactly meets their needs and really works for them.  We can then discuss the specific finishes once the layout is agreed.  This is quite unlike the kitchen market, where detailed, realistic renders play such an important role.

“Because of the way that we work and our focus on producing bespoke solutions, we probably use the software in a different way to many other ArtiCAD customers.  For example,  I can manipulate all sorts of generic or standard items and turn them into exactly what I want for a specific design.  This is particularly important for bedroom design, where there are frequently many different angles and awkward spaces.

“Many customers are not able to visualise what would work in their room or how to achieve it.  The 3D line drawings which I produce using BedCAD can really help them see what is possible and clarify their thoughts.”

Once the design and quotation is accepted, it is transferred to an industrial CAD program, which then produces the technical specification for the company’s CNC machine.

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