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KCM Kitchens, Smart Systems & ArtiCAD

The CAD and pricing software has been installed to handle virtually every aspect of the company’s everyday business.

Exeter-based KCM Kitchens manufactures bespoke kitchens, cabinets and doors, supplying independent showrooms and trade suppliers throughout the south-west.  The company’s manufacturing facility spans 35,000 square feet, and utilises the latest technology, producing about seven individually crafted kitchens each day.

KCM Kitchens has been working with Smart Systems, and its parent company, ArtiCAD, since 2017.  ArtiCAD’s design software is used by KCM to help those tradespeople who prefer to handover production of the CAD designs, elevations and plans of the proposed new rooms to more experienced hands.

Software from Smart Systems has been installed to handle virtually every aspect of the company’s everyday business.  KBBConnect provides quoting, real-time pricing and project management.   Smart Systems has developed a bespoke portal for this for KCM Kitchens, enabling customers to price directly from the company’s catalogues.  This service is managed by Smart’s KBBLink.

Steven Poortman, Operations Manager at KCM Kitchens:  “Twelve people use Smart Systems every day, handling all our production planning, stock control, warehousing, delivery routes, invoicing etc.  The software can easily be tailored to our specific needs and thus support the way that the company wants to work, without us having to compromise.

“Smart Systems’ software also ensures that everyone in the company has access to the same information, from the same database – we are all on the same page.  Quite simply, it is essential to our business.”

ArtiCAD-Pro design software is used primarily by office manager at KCM, David Mehrlich to produce designs and plans for their independent clients who do not have their own showrooms or design capabilities.  The software is used for both kitchens and bedrooms.  David Mehrlich:  “We have been using the software for about six years, and with every update it becomes ever better.  I find the increasing number of manufacturer-specific appliance catalogues very useful, and the door manufacturers’ products are very regularly updated.   As I am very familiar with the software, I don’t tend to speak to their support team often, but on the occasions when I have, they have been very helpful.

“The software is very important to our business.  By providing great visuals and plans to our independent clients, we are definitely helping to support their sales activities.”

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