Kubo Kitchens benefits from Principles of Kitchen Design Training

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Russell Parrat, MD of Kubo Kitchens attended  the August  2017 Principles of Kitchen Design two day course by Renee Mascari as part of ArtiCAD Academy and has already made changes to his business model

Russell says: "Like a minority in the industry I’ve come from a fitting background with no design qualifications. I’ve only been designing kitchens for about 5 years and I don’t mind admitting, with little flair at times (perhaps through feeling out of my depth) I found Renee's 'Principles of Kitchen Design' extremely interesting and very informative. Renee gave me (and I know all my fellow delegates) great reassurance in an industry that everybody poses as an expert.

'Renee made it clear there is a definitive line between ‘box sellers’ and ‘independent specialists’ providing a professional kitchen design and supply service. As soon as I returned from the course I improved an outstanding design for which I have now received the £21k order! 

Russ!.jpgI’m making changes to my whole business model including improvements to the showroom to present designs better to customers. One of the first things Renee said is “I can’t possibly teach you everything about kitchen design in two days” but what she did do is give great discerning advice to build my confidence which will strengthen and improve my design abilities for the future.

I would recommend this course to ANYBODY in the field, one of my fellow delegates had been designing kitchens for 15 years and he also gleaned a wealth of knowledge from Renee; a passionate, extremely knowledgeable mentor and genuinely lovely lady. It was also refreshing to meet a niche group of likeminded designers (whom are not competitors) which I hope to keep in touch with. Thanks ArtiCAD."

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