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New company Kitchenco selects ArtiCAD

KitchenCo saw the ArtiCAD software at the KBB show in Birmingham and was impressed.

Ross Brabiner, Design & Sales: “We were really impressed with the quality of the rendering in the ArtiCAD-Pro software and it was primarily this feature which helped us make our decision to choose it as our CAD solution.

“Now that we have been using the software for a few months, we have also discovered that is extremely easy to use, with an interface which makes it very quick to find what you are looking for.  Our customers – and in fact a number of the cabinet makers we work with – are amazed by the quality of the images that we are producing, particularly their crispness and the level of detail which can be achieved.”

The family-run business is selling kitchens and bedrooms, with cabinets being supplied from UForm, PWS and Kuhlmanns.

Ross taught himself how to use the software and can complete even rather ‘fiddley designs’ in just an hour.  “We are finding that our customers are really helped in their decision making by the quality of the images, and that it is so quick and easy to change colours and door styles if they want to see various options.  The designs are extremely professional and contribute strongly to the image of our new company.”

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