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Sales success for F&L Kitchens with ArtiVR

100% sales conversion rate for F&L Supplies using ArtiVR Virtual Reality with the Oculus Quest Headset.

F & L Kitchens, a kitchen brokerage company based in North London, is an enthusiastic user of ArtiCAD’s ArtiVR virtual reality software. When used with the Oculus Quest wireless headset, Luke Singh of F&L claims a “100% sales conversion rate. Once they put the headset on, customers are sold. ArtiVR provides them with the ability to ‘be’ in their kitchen, seeing how it will fit together, and experiencing how it will feel to live in the new room.”

ArtiVR takes the design produced in ArtiCAD-Pro and renders a 3D VR scene at the touch of a button. The scene is rendered in the Cloud, obviating the need for high specification hardware.

F&L works with a number of kitchen suppliers, proposing the most appropriate one for the customer, depending on their specific needs. Working without a showroom, F&L visit prospective clients, discuss what they’d like for their new kitchen and measure up the space. A plan and design are produced in ArtiCAD (together with pricing), before F&L returns to the customer’s home with the virtual reality design, and the Oculus Quest headset (if the customer wishes to view using this).

“The system is extremely easy to set up in the customer’s home, just requiring Wi-Fi access. Viewing the kitchen in VR provides the best way for customers to assess the space, particularly for example, with islands. ArtiVR clearly shows the customer how much space the island will take up and the amount of room around it. The decision-making process is just so much easier.”

F&L makes a small charge for their designs, but has found this no barrier for customers who are serious about a new kitchen. “We offer a unique service, and people are happy to pay for this.”

Oculus Quest gives you the ability to cast, letting you share your VR experience to a mobile phone (via the Oculus App), or to a TV (with a compatible casting enabled device such as a Google Chromecast) allowing those not using the headset to also view what the users are seeing in real-time.

“I now use the Oculus app on my phone which enables me to see exactly what the customer is viewing as they explore their virtual kitchen, which is extremely helpful. ArtiVR is absolutely great.”

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