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Stone Bathroom by Sketch & Render image

Sketch & Render – 1st ArtiCAD bathroom competition winner

Jenna Searra of Sketch and Render in South Africa was a winner of ArtiCAD’s design competition, back in early 2017.

Voters were very impressed with the beautiful bathroom she created and Jenna is also our first competition winner with a bathroom entry, rather than a kitchen.

This particular bathroom design had a very demanding client:  Jenna herself!  She set herself the task of designing a ‘beautiful bathroom’ using the ArtiCAD-Pro software, making it as realistic and special as she could.

“I sourced materials from the internet so that I could include the sort of textures I wanted.  I also had to search hard to find plants that I liked that would fit into the atrium area at one end of the room.

“I had not used the facility to import from Sketch Up before this design and it was only when I spoke to ArtiCAD to suggest that they needed to include a better range of plants as standard in the software, that they told me about this.

“What a great find!  It gave me a whole new world to play with.

“The best part of the ArtiCAD software for me in creating the design is the program’s versatility.  It allowed me to create exactly what I wanted, and exactly what I had in my mind’s eye.”

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