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Tameside College raising standards with ArtiCAD

ArtiCAD is working with Tameside College to help develop recognised standards for the KBB industry.

Some fifteen copies of the ArtiCAD-Pro KBB design software have been supplied to the Built and Natural Environment department at Tameside College to provide learners on the Fitted Interiors course with real hands-on experience of a leading industry CAD package.

The Fitted Interiors Level 2 diploma course, which is recognised by CITB Construction Skills, was first introduced to Tameside College in 2011. The course is the brainchild of Carpentry and Joinery Tutor, Dean Donelon who has worked extensively in the KBB industry. “The KBB industry has no nationally recognised standards and I was keen to put this right. The course, which has considerable support from leading players in the industry, is designed to ensure that at the end of the 12-month course, learners are fully ready to go straight into the work environment. They will have learnt to plan, design and fit (including plumbing) to a clearly defined standard.”

The ArtiCAD-Pro software was an essential component in the newly launched Fitted Interiors Course from day one. Having looked a two or three alternative CAD packages, Dean Donelon and his head of Department, Richard Gleaves, were absolutely convinced that ArtiCAD was the solution of choice. Dean Donelon: “I knew from my industry experience that most companies are using ArtiCAD-Pro and it was also my personal preference. We have not been disappointed. It is really good.” His view is echoed by Richard Gleaves. “It’s brilliant. It’s very easy to use, the catalogues are great and all the learners really like using it. It meets the needs of the course exactly.”

Learners in the College’s Construction Department as a whole had previously used parts of an engineering CAD package but it was essential for the Fitted Interiors Course that the chosen software should be as uncomplicated as possible.

Learners on the Fitted Interiors Diploma course draft out an initial plan on paper and then input this into the ArtiCAD software, incorporating ‘customer’ requirements such as a breakfast bar or island. Once the design is completed, the learners then go on to actually build their design.
Dean Donelon: “The standard of learners completing our course is unrivalled and I am confident that our commitment to producing elite graduates with relevant, well-tried and tested skills is exactly what the industry needs.”

ArtiCAD itself is a strong supporter of the need for improving training and introducing recognised standards into the KBB industry. Theresa Turner: “In addition to working with Tameside on their excellent Fitted Interiors Course, we are also increasing our role at the BMA (Bathroom Manufactures Association), again with the aim of improving the level of education and training which is offered to those working in the KBB sector. We have a deep respect for the work of the KBB National Training Group and intend to strengthen our activity with this vital industry provider. ArtiCAD also regularly hosts industry-focused sales & customer care training workshops, provided by Graham Hayden at our dedicated training suite in Hertfordshire.

“Our design software is incredibly easy and quick to master, so students really enjoy using it and achieve excellent results – very quickly. Tutors and course providers are equally satisfied because the software is very quickly and easily deployed and there’s an established training and support programme in place for education providers – making ArtiCAD the perfect choice for this environment.”

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