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The Kitchen Lab measures the power of ArtiVR

The Kitchen Lab can now complete three designs in the time it used to take to do just one.

Multi-award-winning Nottingham-based The Kitchen Lab installed ArtiCAD-Pro design software on the day they opened for business two years ago, and followed this up by buying ArtiVR – ArtiCAD’s new virtual reality package – on the first day that it was released.

The company likes to innovate and stay ahead of the competition, and ArtiVR is certainly playing a key role in this.

Alix McRobert, co-founder of The Kitchen Lab:  “Because rendering of images using ArtiVR takes place in the cloud, we simply press a button and ten minutes later the image is rendered.  In the time that it used to take us to plan and render a kitchen, we can now do three.  And if a client requests minor changes in the showroom when they come to see the design, again we can make these virtually instantaneously, without the need for lengthy re-rendering.

“Customers are more engaged and more involved with the designs because of the power of the 3D visualisation and walk throughs.  It is easier and faster for them to make a decision, and for us to make an increased number of sales.”

Although ArtiVR has the capability to run on an iPad and other tablets which would allow The Kitchen Lab to show designs to clients in their own home, to date all presentations are being done in their showroom on a 60” screen.

“The advantage for the client is that in the showroom, they can choose handles and other fixtures and fittings from our ranges, which again helps to keep the momentum of the sale.”

A further benefit of ArtiVR for The Kitchen Lab is that the company has not needed to upgrade any of its computing hardware, because all processing power is in the cloud.

In addition, the company is carbon-neutral for all its cabinetry, underlining The Kitchen Lab’s commitment to environmental issues.  “ArtiVR contributes to this, as we don’t need to print out rendered images – saving both on ink and paper.”  The company has recently won a contract to design thirty kitchens for a new development in London, based on its carbon-neutral status.

The Kitchen Lab specialises in kitchens towards the upper end of the market, ranging in price from £30-£50,000, using cabinets from Ashley Ann and Leicht.  The company installs about six to eight kitchens each month.

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