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We use cookies on our website. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your device. These files store information that we use to help our site work effectively. They do not transmit viruses or malware.

We use three types of cookies on our site: 

  • Preference – these cookies store your site preferences such as location and language choice

  • Security – these cookies protect your personal data and allow us to access your account securely

  • Analytics – these cookies collect data such as page visits, session length and browser use to monitor the performance of our site. The information we collect is anonymous and is only accessible to us 

We use cookies to differentiate between you and other site users and to ensure you have the best experience on our site and to gather statistics about the visits on the website. 

We use Google Analytics and Zoho Sales IQ to perform this analysis. 

Google Analytics lets ArtiCAD know the number of visitors visiting our website site, how visitors use the site and how they access the various pages. 

The data generated by these cookies include:

  • Your use of the site (what pages you visit, frequency of visits)
  • IP address to determine in which town/city visitors are physically located. This data is anonymised immediately after being gathered and is not communicated to ArtiCAD. 

Zoho Sales IQ lets ArtiCAD know which companies have visited our website, and which pages they have visited, time spent on each page. 

The data generated by these cookies include:

  • Your use of the site (what pages you visit, frequency of visits)

  • Company name derived from your IP address

You can opt to turn off all cookies on our site, or you can amend your browser settings, so you receive a notification every time a cookie is set. 

If you choose to turn cookies off completely, you will be unable to access features which optimise your experience of our site. Some services may also not function fully.

For our full privacy policy, visit our page

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