Help for your business during the Covid Crisis

Together we have faced a tremendous shift in our working practices. ArtiCAD has introduced a number of free initiatives to help our customers

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Free temporary ArtiCAD licences for homeworking

If you would prefer to install ArtiCAD on a different machine to work from home, we are continuing to provide access to free temporary licences. Activating a temporary licence on a different PC will not have any impact on your existing licence/s and will expire remotely too as it is running on a temporary basis.

Your temporary licence/s will need to be refreshed each day by simply clicking on the desktop icon that is created when you download this licence. If you have multiple designers, you can download as many temporary licences as you need – all free of charge!

If you need additional ArtiCAD licences longer term, please contact your local account manager for the best available outright purchase or monthly subscription options.

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If you activate a temporary licence, and you need to access existing plan files and graphics files etc., you will need to copy these across onto the new PC.

Latest Government COVID-19 guidance


Read the latest Government advice regarding COVID-19 rules and regulations

COVID-19 Guidance Information

Extended free RoomPlanner

Easy to set up on your website, RoomPlanner allows your website visitors to submit their room layout and project details within minutes, day or night. You receive an email with client and project details plus a room layout that you can upload directly into your ArtiCAD software, ready to follow up.

The standard RoomPlanner features your own branding and you choose if you want your visitors to submit a room layout only (including utility positioning) or if you want them to include furniture and submit a design.

We’re offering free access to this exceptional tech until June 2021- No obligations and no catches!

If you want to continue using RoomPlanner after 3 months it costs just £99 a month. If you don’t, it simply switches off!

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ArtiCAD Online

ArtiCAD Online provides the option to migrate existing licences to an online hosted server that can be accessed from any device with Internet access at any time (including 3G). ArtiCAD Online also allows the ability to use Macs™, something that isn’t possible with the desktop version. The ability to work Online removes the need to transfer licences from one device to another, you simply log in.

As we use an external server provider to host the ArtiCAD Online system, it does involves a monthly fee of £110.00 (including support) or £70.00 a month if a support plan is already on a Direct Debit.

We understand that during this time, extra expenditure may not be an option. We’re presenting all of the options available to our customers and are not looking to profit from this crisis.

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