Retailer, Designer, Merchant - How ArtiCAD makes a difference

Ensuring that customers really understand your designs and that they can see exactly what you are proposing for their new room is absolutely fundamental in achieving a sale. Our products help you sell. And so can we! The principals of ArtiCAD and our Account Managers all have hands-on experience of the KBB sector, most having worked in retail and manufacturing environments. We understand the business processes, the sales cycle and the challenges you face. So we harness this experience and ensure that all our new software products and all our service innovations are specifically designed to make it easier for you to sell.

Unique software

Using the unique speed and flexibility of our software, you can create visually stunning and accurately detailed design presentations for your clients. And most importantly, you can do this in just a few minutes. The training is equally fast – either a day in one of our workshops or just a couple of hours online – whichever suits you best. There’s no disruption to your business, the sales process will be faster and more efficient – and you will reap immediate value for your business.
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Working your way

ArtiCAD doesn’t need you to change. Our software's flexibility ensures that it will work just the way that you want it to. For example, you can opt for a generic design approach, use manufacturer specific graphics or indeed your own. Graphics can also be imported from many other sources, such as Trimble SketchUp – and then you can quickly and easily resize the image and apply whatever surface finish you desire to suit your design - all within ArtiCAD. And obviously you can mix and match. For one a client, a generic design maybe absolutely right, and for another you will need to include items from a designated supplier. No matter. ArtiCAD-Pro will simply deliver.
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Innovations – onwards and upwards!

As well as regular new versions of the core software, packed with enhancements to make it even easier for you to design and sell, ArtiCAD’s development teams are constantly working on innovative new tools to give you even more edge. So why not take a look at ArtiCAD RoomPlanner for online planning and sales lead generation, or ArtiCAD RoomStyler, our interactive online style configuration tool – both of which are fully integrated with our leading design software.

We also develop Virtual Reality (VR) Augmented Reality (AR) Apps that are fully integrated with our design technologies.

Customised for you

ArtiCAD’s fixed cost, rapid turnaround customisation services ensure that even the most challenging or unusual requirements can be delivered – on time and on budget.
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