Recommended System Requirements for ArtiCAD software on desktop/laptop. (ArtiCAD Online will run on any device with internet access via all mainstream browsers.)

Required minimum specification for a machine to run ArtiCAD efficiently:

  • i7, 5th generation processor, or higher
  • Quad core or higher (not dual core)
  • 8GB of RAM or higher
  • Microsoft Windows 10 
  • 64 bit operating system

ArtiCAD's rendering performance relies upon processor quality, rather than graphics card capacity, so standard current graphics cards should be more than sufficient.

ArtiCAD is a Windows-based program so a desktop or laptop device with the Windows 10 operating system plus the above specification is our recommendation. If you wish to use an Apple Mac™ or Microsoft Surface Book™ device (or similar), we recommend that you opt for ArtiCAD Online deployment, which will work on any device with appropriate internet access. 

The specification of one of our optimised specification PCs:

  • Intel xeon E5-2697 V3 processor
  • 2.6 GHz of processor speed, 3.6 GHz with turbo speed
  • 14 core
  • 16 GB of RAM
  • Windows 10


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