Build 12 is here!

Build 12 incorporates a volume of minor fixes and improvements – see below how we’ve improved and updated our leading software

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  • Adjusted default door, when adding to a door arrangement, to pick up global door selector’s default manufacturer and range.
  • Loaded unit group is now selected (in place of any pre-existing selection).
  • Door hinging properties split into left and right versions.
  • Introduced “SkipAutoPricing” setting in ArtiQuote pricing groups, to allow clusters to avoid auto-pricing.
  • ‘Clear completed renders’ button added to the background renderer.
  • Removed “custom” page size option from “save as pdf” in page layout – redundant option.
  • Modified the generation of appliance thumbnails.
  • Updated clipping plane in 3D views, specifically the interaction between camera set-up mode and VR.
  • Modified the default maximum clipping plane to 6m away from the camera as this should now encompass a standard 3x3m room better.
  • Added keyboard control ‘End’ and ‘Delete’ (hold down shift for larger amount) for clipping plane adjustment whilst in VR.
  • Enhanced rendered elevations.
  • Added feature to save Pricing Reports as PDF files.
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  • Fixed bug whereby if all the items in an elevation were off ground, then the rendered image did not line up with the line-drawn image.
  • Fixed customising value for any unit height setting.
  • Fixed crash bug when pressing cancel on adding a page frame in page layout mode.
  • Fixed bug whereby changing the priority order of two or more selected catalogues resulted in the layered item categories dialog reverting to generic.
  • Catalogue Switching updated.

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Training to suit you

Our ArtiCAD software training options have been refined over the last 25 years to ensure top quality content is delivered to all the markets that we serve. Each option is designed to make sure that you understand the software, what it is capable of – and, most importantly, what it can do for your business.

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Capture leads - anytime, anywhere.

RoomPlanner allows your website visitors to submit their room layout and project details within minutes, so they can engage with your business 24/7.

  • Choose ‘including furniture’ or ‘room layout only’
  • Delivers leads and project details directly to your inbox
  • Integrates with all ArtiCAD design software
  • Can feature your own product catalogue
  • Available for a monthly subscription
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We’ve spent years devising virtual reality for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms to help you leave a lasting impression. Invite clients to step into your designs and look around for themselves – ArtiVR, now boasts a Virtual Meetings option, so you can join them, collaborate and win the sale.

  • Use with or without virtual reality headset
  • Ultra-high-quality immersive design walkthroughs
  • NEW Virtual Meetings option to help close the deal
  • Present face-to-face or via web link
  • Integrates seamlessly with ArtiCAD software
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Custom webtech innovators


We combine our vast software development expertise, uniquely flexible software and a consultative best practice approach to satisfy our clients’  specific challenges – no matter how complex. We routinely develop new tech and customise versions of our existing software and business process solutions, harnessing the latest and most relevant technology available.

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How we can help your business

We’ve been honing our craft for over two decades to help you create stunning designs and showcase them to your clients in original and breathtaking ways

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Whatever you need whenever you need it, we aim to deliver. To book a free on-site or online demonstration or arrange a phone consultation, get in touch today