Our simple to use design software couldn't be easier to learn.  To ensure that all our customers achieve the maximum return on their investment in ArtiCAD software, we present a wealth of training options. 

Each option is designed to make sure that you understand the software, what it is capable of – and, most importantly, what it can do for your business. We deliver three types of training:

  • In-house - in a dedicated training suite at your local ArtiCAD office
  • On-site - at your premises or a facility specified by you
  • Online - individually or in a group webinar

Regardless of which type of training you opt for, we guarantee that you will find it clear, concise, informative – and stimulating.

There are three levels of ArtiCAD software training:

Level 1 Introductory Training
Level 1 introductory training is presented to small groups (maximum of 10 candidates) in a classroom environment in our dedicated training suite. Our experienced trainers will set you at ease from the outset and will ensure that you'll learn everything you need to know to get you started with ArtiCAD. 

Level 2 Advanced Training
Level 2 takes your ArtiCAD design skills and client presentations to the next level. You'll learn a wealth of advanced skills to enable you to overcome even the most complex design challenges. 

Level 3 Advanced Design Image Training
This course is for designers wishing to incorporate the very highest level of detail in their design presentations. 


Train the trainer 
If your organisation employs multiple designers, ArtiCAD has developed a refined process for delivering effective initial and ongoing training. ArtiCAD can facilitate all of the initial training of your team but you may also prefer to nominate one of your team to become an internal ArtiCAD 'Super User'. This individual will achieve extensive train the trainer training. 

Supplementary Training Materials

We've produced a comprehensive selection of easy-to-follow materials to complement the way you prefer to learn. These include tutorial videos plus a fully indexed online manual. We also publish Frequently Asked Questions - captured from within our support helpdesk system. All of these materials are available within the Members Area of the ArtiCAD website. Our design software also features an integrated 'Help' facility.

To book training, contact your local office

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