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Delivering unique custom solutions is at the heart of ArtiCAD's business. Quite frankly, we’re extremely good at it!

Combining our vast software development expertise, uniquely flexible software and our consultative best practice approach, we're able to satisfy our clients'  unique design & business process challenges - no matter how complex. Read about our Open Architecture> 

We routinely develop custom versions of our desktop design software, online planner, online visualiser tool and app technologies as well as produce innovative business process solutions, each harnessing the very latest or most relevant technology available. We frequently work with our clients’ existing technology partners including website & e-commerce developers, order processing and production software vendors or we can recommend those with whom we have collaboration experience.

New Tech Workshops

ArtiCAD has introduced a series of exclusive Technology Workshops for its expanding base of national clients. Each private workshop typically lasts for about three hours and is focused on a different area of technology, tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. Areas that are of particular interest, not surprisingly, are online, in-store and mobile technologies. External experts and suppliers of relevant third party software contribute to each session when appropriate. 

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Custom Project Success

Our successful custom projects include producing a multi-million dollar business process and custom design software installation for one of the largest kitchen manufacturers in the world; creating fully customised and integrated versions of our online planning and desktop technologies for the UK's largest bathroom retailer and developing a complex component-based online ordering solution for a leading bedroom furniture brand.
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Refined Services

Each custom project includes an individually tailored service package that caters for your specific deployment, licensing, training, support, client care/account management and future customisation needs. In addition, you can expect direct access to your project development team heads and technicians.

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Customisation services include:


  • Consultation - we work closely with you and your team to understand your objectives and to capture the full scope of your custom project.  Within a structured framework, we then evaluate all possible options before recommending the best software and service solution for your enterprise. 
  • Project Management - all custom development work is efficiently project managed, adopting a best practice and latest technology framework, to ensure your projects run smoothly and are delivered on time and on budget
  • Programming - we routinely customise our design software, online planner, online style ‘configurator’ and app technologies - and we create totally new design and process technologies for clients from scratch. 
  • Graphics - we've been producing custom graphics libraries for more than 20 years and have refined our production and account management processes to compliment this rapid turnaround service. Our skilled technicians produce complete graphics libraries and individual product models astonishingly quickly and with incredible detail. 
  • 2D & 3D Graphics Models - 2D, 3D, static or animated - we create graphics models to service our clients' marketing asset needs, for deployment in CAD, CGI, online planning tools, websites, brochures, technical documents, packaging, pricing & business process software and in rich media such as video.
  • CGI - we can produce individual or whole catalogue super-high resolution images for our clients' marketing needs.
  • Integration - our advanced software technologies are built to easily integrate with your choice of business process, production or e-commerce solution. We can recommend solutions that suit your specific needs, adopt your existing preferences or create process software from scratch. 
  • Design Services - we have in-house design resources in place to assist with short or longer-term design capacity needs or to convert existing designs originated in alternative design software packages - to streamline your conversion to ArtiCAD. 
  • White label - we produce white label custom versions of our desktop design software and online planning & visualisation solutions for larger organisations and distribution partners globally.

If you think a tailored solution would help your business, please call our projects team today on +44 (0)1923 888101

Planning makes Perfect

Whether your custom project involves a low volume graphics customisation or a full scale programming development, we plan for deployment, training and ongoing account-management in advance. This means you'll realise the benefits more quickly and with minimal disruption to your business. Also, your support service will be effective and suit your needs from day 1 and a robust process for ongoing custom adapatations is in place.  


ArtiCAD's desktop design software products use a softkey licence protocol, which provides huge flexibility in the way you want to manage your user licences. Our software has been refined to allow for server-based terminal services deployment.


If your organisation employs multiple designers, ArtiCAD has developed a refined process for delivering effective initial and ongoing training. ArtiCAD can facilitate all of the initial training of your team but you may also prefer to nominate one of your team to become an internal ArtiCAD 'Super User'.
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